MSPL was specifically designed and engineered to meet the rigid standards of HIPAA compliance. We have built-in controls for security and auditing. Starting with dictation, we audit who listens, transcribes, edits, views and signs. Printing and faxing audit trail details include user ID, workstation location, printer ID, time and date. With in-house transcriptionists all working on the same platform, transcription managers have unprecedented audit and user control. Finally, a system that recognizes your need to know and automatically creates the history of each transaction so audit reports of your staff and MSPL's staff are on-line and ready.

Security safeguards include VPN, triple DES Internet encryption, redundant system architecture and security for servers, networks, firewalls and computer room entrance. Disaster prevention and recovery is ensured.

Some of the security features include

Physical restrictions on access to work area and network center
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Firewall protection for internal network from the world wide web
Enterprise-wide multiple virus protection system
128-bit SSL and data encryption on all web based applications
Digital certificate authentication for all servers
Each user has unique login, power-on and screensaver passwords
Controlled media usage/movement through inventory logs and physical   checks
User accounts to access shared resources like fax machines and   photocopiers
Restriction and screening of emails.

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