What are the Billing and coding Services provided by MSPL
MSPL is providing medical billing services to physicians and group practices in USA. Facilities offered by MSPL Billing and Coding Division are:

CPT and ICD-9 coding
Patient registration
Charge data entry
Payment posting and adjustments
Denial management and re-bill
Completion of electronic downloads, e.g. Medicare/Medicaid payments, demographics

MSPL is planning to soon add up following processes to its Medical Billing Services:
Full call center services capabilities
A/R management and follow-up services
Year-end cleanup
Why use MSPL Billing and coding Services?

Cost Advantage
India has emerged as the preferred global destination and the hub of IT Enabled Services due to large availability of skilled and cost efficient manpower and leveraging this advantage, MSPL can deliver an average savings of 30% over other strategies. Our technology and outsourcing model gives you incredible efficiencies compared to US based solutions. Also you can make huge savings on your capital expenditure on setting your own facilities or outsourcing locally

Impact Improvement
Increase in revenues 10%
Reduction in staffing costs 45%
Decline in other overheads 10%
Savings in time for senior management 20%

Boost your bottom line via client acquisitions and better collections
The current structure of your business forces multiple responsibilities on your staff and reduces effectiveness. MSPL has dedicated staff to focus on specific responsibilities.

Simply transfer the responsibilities to us so your staff and senior management can focus on customer acquisition and service more efficiently and scale up your business without concerns for managing growth.

Assured Quality Standards complying US benchmarks
We use a three-level quality check and a multi-tier quality assurance system in order to ensure that the processes carried out at our end deliver a near 100% accuracy level.

MSPL includes quality assurance editing as part of the contracted fee. For new clients, 100% of processes are fully checked by our experienced Quality Assurance team to achieve maximum efficiency.

For Medical Billing we do a 100% check across all processes till they are standardized. Even after standardization, a minimum 25% check is maintained at all times. We have developed our in house program to cross check with billing software to achieve near 100% accuracy levels and have almost eliminated errors at our end.

Turnaround Time Advantage
Having our production facilities in India we have a virtual time difference of 12 hours. Leveraging this advantage, the turnaround time of billing processes can advance by 12-24 hours when compared to processing locally in USA.

What is the Safety and Security measures for Billing Data
MSPL has developed its infrastructure, hardware and software architecture with security as a primary requirement. Redundancy has been engineered across all systems and products to ensure 100% uptime. MSPL’s backup methodology includes daily full backups of all servers. Our complete security systems and routines have been reviewed and engineered by industry consultants as well as MSPL staff. Security systems and procedures involve many areas including:

Physical security to computer room and it contents
Server security and administrator rights
Network security and firewalls
Web Security, encryption and access limitations
Disaster prevention and recovery.
Some of the security features of Firewall:
ICSA Certified, Stateful Packet Inspection firewall
Concurrent Connections: 30,000
Firewall Performance: 190 Mbps (bi-directional resulting in high level of Security at both ends)

How to get Started
You can outsource your business to us on the billing software platform of your existing system like Lytec, Medical Manager, Medisoft etc. We have already installed Sonicwall PRO 200 ® VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel with triple DES Internet encryption, and firewall for our existing clients to provide above-mentioned services.

Integration With Your Existing Billing Software is broadly a three-step process:
1. We analyze your outsourcing requirement.
2. We create a secure VPN Tunnel with your existing Intranet thereby getting direct access to your existing Billing Software e.g. Lytec, Medical Manager, Medisoft etc. with proper public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificate authentication. (Your existing billing software should be remote access enabled)
3. Start providing billing services directly in your existing System

Please mail us with your company profile and contact address so that we can get in touch with you to analyze your outsourcing requirements.

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