Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription is a process of transcribing medical advice recorded by doctors into dictaphones or other such recording equipment, and sending them back electronically.

The typical Medical Transcription process at the doctor's end consists of following steps:
Dictate reports into a digital hand-held recorder/PC or on toll free   phone.
If recorded into a digital hand-held recorder - connect the recorder to   your PC, retrieve dictations from the recorder and upload them to the   FTP website using any FTP software
On the next day, you can download the transcribed reports onto   your desktop from the FTP website. Soon we will also provide the   facility of viewing the reports online on our secure website.

Why use Macro Transcription Services
How to start using Macro Transcription Services

Billing and coding Services
MSPL is providing medical billing services to physicians and group practices in USA. Facilities offered by MSPL Billing and Coding Division are:

CPT and ICD-9 coding
Patient registration
Charge data entry
Payment posting and adjustments
Denial management and re-bill
Completion of electronic downloads, e.g. Medicare/Medicaid payments,   demographics

MSPL is planning to soon add up following processes to its Medical Billing Services:
Full call center services capabilities
A/R management and follow-up services
Year-end cleanup

MSPL Billing Services Details
How MSPL Billing and coding Services translates into cost saving

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