We are located in capital of India - New Delhi.
The workspace is generous and expansive, with a regulated   environment providing the right ambience for high-quality work.
Built in power solutions offer a regulated supply to run our business   without interruptions.
The company has provided for sufficient redundancies in terms of       power facilities and back-ups to reduce downtime for its  clients.

Telecommunication - Our Lifeline
MSPL is connected to India's leading ISP through a dedicated digital link. Besides providing a reliable and thick access to the Internet, this setup provides rapid scalability and high availability.

All transmission through the Internet is encrypted for secure access.
Through clever exploitation of technology and vision, MSPL is now a virtual extension of all its client offices.

Intelligent Applications
MSPL has developed a intelligent medical billing and transcription software MacroScribe®, which does the administration and management at the production floor. It helps in automatic routing of files, has flexible configuration, Clients Server Architecture, several levels security.

Soon new features would be added to MacroScribe® for end users like:
Complete automation mechanism for the end users or hospitals.
Searching or querying on parameters like patient name or doctor name   or medical report number.
Generate reports on various parameters
Avoid redundancies and duplication in files
Automatic downloading and archiving of files and reports.

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