Macro Training Services
Macro Training Services(MTS) is a high end IT Enabled Services Training Center which besides training aims at creating a brainpool of skilled and efficient professionals focused on specific BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Processes like medical transcription, medical billing and coding, data processing, back office operations, revenue accounting, legal databases, insurance claims processing etc.

The mission for MTS is to create a brainpool of skilled and qualified BPO professionals who excel in their work in global domain.

The Program
The Medical Scribe Professional (MSP) program was incubated to train our trainees with the best, with an overall and in depth training at a optimal pace in a LIVE TRANSCRIPTION AND BILLING ENVIRONMENT.
MSP program augments the high quality of training by providing trainees with the BEST and comprehensive reference materials

The aim of the MSP program is to create world-class professionals using state of the art tools with globally applicable standards.

MSP Program Structure

Module I
Medical Terminology
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Human Disease Processes
Lymphatic & Immune
Laboratory Workup & Radiology
Referencing Skills

Module II
Reading & Interpreting Medical Records.
Training on various Word Processors combined with Typing and Media   Players.
Getting familiar with the American English accent.
Advanced English Usage.
American Brand Names of Drugs.
Sound file transcribing. Transcribing authentic Physician Dictations,   including Office Visit notes in various formats, Letters, Initial Office   Evaluations, History and Physicals, Consultations, Emergency Reports,   Discharge Summaries etc.

Module III
Transcription in live Environment.

400 Hours
(4 Hrs/Day x 6 days/week x 4 months)

Any Undergraduate/Graduate who loves reading, enjoys puzzles, keeps update on the words and their meaning, enjoys literature, is good in English, can punctuate ungrammatical sentences and badly spoken English, has some basic computer skills and has a genuine interest in the Services field.

Objective of the MSP Program

By the end of the MSP Program, the trainees should have

Strong Foundation of Medical Terminology.
Good concentration and listening capabilities
Capability to work under pressure
First hand extensive experience on working in an actual Transcription   Environment.
Capability to work on any of the relevant domain and technology.

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